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Design Your Own Hanko

Design Your Own Japanese Hanko Name Seal at our Name of Japan shop in the heart of historic Kamakura, Japan.

We will show you several traditional writing styles for your engraving, which Name of Japan will do for you.


Your authentic Japanese hanko will be as unique as you are. A keepsake for a lifetime.  Your personal hanko will be ready for pickup that very same afternoon.

About your Japanese hanko workshop experience


1. Learn Hanko's historical and Japanese cultural perspective


Hear Name of Japan owner and certified engraver, Tsukino Mitsuhiro, discuss the fascinating history and culture of the Japanese hanko seal.


2. Design your Japanese Hanko

Select the type of distinctive Japanese characters (Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji) you would like for your engraving. Tsukino-san will explain how each style reflects your personality.


3. Select your favorite material


Name of Japan will carve your name on acrylic and you can select your favorite color.  Name of Japan can also fashion your Japanese hanko from  gemstones, horn, or select woods. (Additional charge may apply depending on the rarity of your materials).

case 2.jpg

4. Choose your carry case

Name of Japan offers more than 100 kinds of traditional handicraft cases made by renouned Yamanashi craftsmen.


5. Choose your same-day pickup time

You can pick up your hanko anytime in the afternoon on the day of your workshop. Meanwhile, why not explore the beautiful city of Kamakura?


From our shop you can visit to the historical Komachi-dori shopping street (just minutes away) or witness the world-famous Great Buddha. Of course the inviting sands of Yuigahama beach are only a short stroll from our shop.


6. Engraving your hanko

For that ultimate Japanese perfection, we engrave the seal at our shop. Your Japanese hanko is all done in-house at Name of Japan.


Completion time ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of your design.



Standard hanko


Craft hanko


Luxury hanko




Reserve Your Place Now

Join master engraver, Tsukino Mitsuhiro, at Name of Japan's official hanko workshop. Yes, you can design your own Japanese hanko under the masterful guidance of Tsukino-san. This event will be the highlight of your visit to Japan.

Our shop is small. Seating is limited.

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