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Katakana: Recommended

Beautiful traditional typeface. It can be used as a registered seal or an official seal in Japan.A Japanese typeface.atakana became crucial to write fast and briefly. Today Katakana is generally used for the transcription of foreign words into Japanese, particularly recently borrowed words.


Hiragana was also derived from Manyokana Hiragana originally became popular with women of the imperial court. Today, hiragana script is generally used for native Japanese words that have no kanji counterpart.

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KANJI: Recommended

Beautiful traditional typeface.However it can not be used as a registered seal or an official seal in Japan.A Japanese typeface.Kanji is a type of ideograms.It was originally made in China to transcript Chinese.Looking at the composition of Kanji, they are shapes of things, copies of abstract concepts and a combination of both.There are exceeding in number of fifty thousand kanjis. Six thousand to seven thousand are used in literature, while three thousand are used on a  daily basis.


Each letter in general is one kind of a phonetic transcript that includes consonants and vowels, which also refer to a traditional arrangement of letters. The word “alphabet” comes from α ,“alpha”and β “beta,” which are the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

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