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Tsukino Mitsuhiro

Tsukino Chieko_edited.jpg

Tsukino Chieko

Name of Japan honored by Kamakura City Mayor and Deputy Mayor

2024, 23 April

Name of Japan has been honored to design and produce the two hanko name seals presented to Kamakura's sister city in Nice, France.


 (Left to right): Kamakura City Mayor Matsuo-sama; Name of Japan co-owners and Certified Engravers, Tsukino Chieko-san and Tsukino Mitsuhiro-san; and Vice Mayor Chida-sama pictured in the Kamakura Administrative Center.


Signing presentation: Kamakura Mayor Matsuo-sama and The Honorable Christiane Amiel, Vice Mayor of Nice. Notice how the two officials are in the process of using their new hanko name seals to affirm the documents.

The actual hanko name seals and cases presented in Nice, France: The hand-carved ink surfaces show the name of each recipient in Japanese characters. Also notice the intricate engraving on the sides of the holders, a floral design that master engraver Tsukino-san says

"Is fit for a king."

Tsukino Satoshi-san and his wife, founders of Kamakura Hanko in 1951

A Family Legacy of Master Craftsmanship


Name of Japan (originally Kamakura Hanko) was founded by 1951 by Mitsuhiro-san's grandfather.

Both Mitsuhiro-san and Chieko-san are graduates of the Seal Technique Training Course, a rigorous, multi-year program. Both have earned the prestigious national skill qualification of Seal Engraver.


Both have also won national engraving awards. In addition, each has personally completed over 10,000 hanko.

Every Hanko produced by Name of Japan is created in the Kamakura shop and both owners participate in every one.

In Japan, perfection is a way of life. You would expect nothing less.

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