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Documents & Images
News Release

2024/7/18 News release announcing the new Hip Hanko Japanese name seal.​ To save a copy of this release, when you enter the click-through page, click the folder icon in the upper right corner (see graphic) to launch the download.


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Logo - Name of Japan


Logo - Hip Hanko


Logo - Hip Japan


Logo - The Hip List


Logo - Be More Japanese


All photo credit (except as noted): Name of Japan


Name of Japan shop

Kamakura, Japan


Hip Hanko (red birch)

The case features the Chrysanthemum bloom, Japan's national flower and the official symbol of the Imperial Palace.


Hip Hanko Name Seal - the most complex of the four Hip Hanko designs. This powerful image displays two concentric circles. The outer one is in English (romanji) and the inner is katakana Japanese characters.


Tsukino Satoshi-san and his wife, founders of Name of Japan (then called Kamakura Hanko) in 1951.


Tsukino Mitsuhiro-san, co-owner and Master Engraver for Name of Japan.


Tsukino Chieko-san, co-owner and Master Engraver for Name of Japan.


Hanko engraving honors techniques that date back over 1,000 years.


2024, 23 April -

Name of Japan honored to design and produce two Hanko name seals presented to Kamakura's sister city in Nice, France.

(Left to right): Kamakura City Mayor Matsuo-sama; Name of Japan co-owners and Master Engravers, Tsukino Chieko-san and Tsukino Mitsuhiro-san; and Vice Mayor Chida-sama pictured in the Kamakura Administrative Center. (Credit: Kamakura City)


2024, 30 April -

Signing presentation in Nice: Kamakura Mayor Matsuo-sama and The Honorable Christiane Amiel, Vice Mayor of Nice. Notice how the two officials are in the process of using their new Hanko name seals to affirm the documents. (Credit: Kamakura City)


The actual Hanko presented by Kamakura City to their sister city, Nice, France.The hand-carved ink surfaces show the name of each recipient in kanakata Japanese characters. Also notice the intricate engraving on the sides of the holders, a floral design that Master Engraver Tsukino-san says

"is fit for a king."


Inside Name of Japan's third-generation shop in Kamakura.


Name of Japan’s Hanko are also in use at major Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples throughout Japan, including Kamakura’s revered Shinto Shrine Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (pictured),

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